Hand Signals

New Landscapes


Details from project UNTITLED


Un Tableau

Bread Baskets

Series of work made for exhibition in Butik for Borddækning.

Rope & Knots

Royal Stacking

Part of Crafts Collection CC13 Extra Ordinary Craft.

Stacking is a series of porcelain plates from Royal Copenhagen that are stacked and covered and decorated with silicone. In Louise’s own words, the plates are “a piece of Danish history that is both old-fashioned and contemporary.” Louise wants to highlight a part of Danish history when Royal Copenhagen produced Danish porcelain of towering quality that no one wants today, and which is therefore wasting away in the thrift stores. “Stacking” gives the plates renewed energy; they need to be redesigned and recycled in a quirky and perhaps surprising expression that is simple yet funky. Stacking is quite topical in relation to the current emphasis on climate and environmental issues. “I have managed to renew and revitalise porcelain that is worthless in the eyes of many and which is therefore discarded because it represents our grandparents’ era and is no longer fashionable.”


Exhibition in Holly Golightly together with Leif Sigersen, Copenhagen 2012.




Black stoneware with silicone.

Photo by: Torben Hjulmand, momentfotografi.dk



New project 2013-

Photo by: Torben Hjulmand, momentfotografi.dk


A Corner of A Flake

New project.

Photo by: Torben Hjulmand, momentfotografi.dk



Kunsthåndværkerprisen af 1879, silver medal, May 2012
Working grant from Annie & Otto Johs.Detlefs Fonde.